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The Kwikwap system was designed with "organisations" in mind and can for example show all the members with their job titles and contact details; or only selected information can be shown.

The Kwikwap website system provide scools, clubs, churches, charity organisations or any non-profit organisation with very affordable and effective internet marketing and communication tools such as a website, mailing list management system, sms system, newsletter and calender facility.

The system is also cell phone enabled which means you can reach out to more people (including children and other people that has never laid eyes on a computer) and that people always have the device (cell phone) with them and switched on.

The system is hosted on top-of-the-range servers to ensure a fast and reliable user experience.

The whole package costs only R59 (+VAT) per month and an sms only costs 25c.

Set-up and training fees are no more than R1,000 and the organisation even gets four advertising spaces for free! The organisation is free to charge whatever they like for their advertisements and we ask no commission or any fees other than the R59(+VAT) monthly subscription fee!

And what about changes to the site ... these are also free of charge and it is so easy to do with the very user friendly web management portal!
2014 Website design special

Buy two websites and only pay R3,500. Call 082 69 99 99 2 now!

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