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Our websites are great for tourist establishments, especially because our websites are Google optimised and 100% viewable for cell phones.

We also have a module where potential guest can do online enquiries. The Appointment Booking Module can also be used as a complete booking system; similar booking systems cost upwards of R200 per month; you get our booking system for free included with your Kwikwap website. Unbelievable isn't it! It is because we are on your side and we do not need to try and sqeeze every last cent out of our customers in these tough times.

Get a website with Kwikwap for your guesthouse, hotel, B&B, game lodge, holiday home or apartments. Phone 0723840771 now and be up and running within 24 hours!
2014 Website design special

Buy two websites and only pay R3,500. Call 082 69 99 99 2 now!

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