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What is new in SEO? - 2012-12-10

So what has changed in terms of Search Engine Optimisation? Here is a beautiful graphic that explains everything:    ... more

SA's Internet economy to double - 2012-03-22

By Nicola Mawson, ITWeb deputy news editor. Johannesburg, 20 Mar 2012 South Africa's Internet economy is expected to leap from being worth R51 billion in 2010 to R103 billion in 2016, according to a new report from the Boston Consulting Group. Currently, online shopping accounts for about 1.9% of SA's economy and is... more

Mo-mentum: what’s new with mobile search advertising - 2011-10-20

 Mo-mentum: what’s new with mobile search advertising 10/19/2011 11:33:00 AMMobile search helps people find what they need in a snap. Whether they’re choosing between two restaurants, shopping for a new watch, or buying a movie ticket, people make better decisions when they have access to more information. Search ads are information—a... more

SMEs going social – do or die - 2011-09-01

By Tallulah Habib30 Aug 2011 World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck  believes that a new tipping point for South Africa will come in 2013 when those who received Internet access in 2008 are finally confident enough to engage fully with online content. “The future is being laid across Africa,” says Goldstuc... more

Businesses still don't 'get' social media – and it's 40-year-old marketing directors that are to blame - 2011-08-04

 from Alex Dormandy, the Telegraph Ticketmaster estimates that every time one of their customers posts on Facebook that they’ve bought a ticket, their friends spend an additional $5.30 with the site. When last year’s Google conference was taking place, they tweeted the morning of the conference: “100 tickets left, 550 bucks a piece, u... more

Internet-koop raak foonvriendelik - 2011-06-07

 Jun 05 2011 05:00Letitia Watson, Rapport Mnr. Gary Novitzkas, uitvoerende hoof van, sê dié generasie brei uit namate slimfone ál meer deel van die hoofstroommark word. het pas navorsing onder 6 200 internetgebruikers gedoen. Novitzkas sê die resultate dui daarop dat Suid-Afrika op die rand van ’n mobiele-... more

Bridging the Designer-Developer Gap - 2011-05-25

 At WordCamp Raleigh 2011, Jayvie Canono covered a very interesting subject Bridging the Designer-Developer Gap. Here is a short summary of the session along with the presentation. When it comes to the world of websites, the designer and developer are two sides of the same coin. Together, designers and developers can create masterpieces at the j... more

Google exec gives inside scoop on shortening mobile Web conversion process - 2011-05-04

By Mackenzie Allison A Google executive offered tips and best practice on shortening the mobile Web site conversion process during a presentation the company gave May 3.  A click-to-call functionality is an obvious way that companies can shorten the conversion process on their mobile Web site. The exec also said that prioritizing content wit... more

Cloud poised to drive big marginal growth - 2010-06-21

 Cloud: An opportunity in its infancy, but even conservatively, poised to drive big marginal growth The recent economic downturn has amplified cloud services adoption globally due to the cost-cutting mantra of most organisations. Recent IDC research shows worldwide IT spending on cloud services will grow almost three-fold, reaching $44.2... more

Make your marketing top priority - 2010-03-03

It doesn’t matter how busy you are: neglect your marketing efforts, and your business will suffer By Al Lautenslager of Entrepreneur Magazine When you’re busy operating your business, making sure employees are doing their jobs, ensuring your products and services are delivered on time, striving towards goals and so on, it’s tempting to thin... more

Top 10 tech for 2010 - 2009-11-19

Gartner reveals the top 10 technologies that could impact the enterprise market in the next three years. By eWeek Johannesburg, 13 Nov 2009 Each year at its October symposium in Orlando, Florida, Gartner publishes a report highlighting the top 10 technologiesthat could impact the enterprise market in the next three years. T... more

Mobile ad spend expected to increase significantly in 2010: Study - 2009-11-03

 November 3, 2009, by Giselle Tsirulnik Mack McKelvey is vice president of marketing at Millennial Media The consumer-packaged goods, retail, entertainment, travel and restaurant categories are expected to lead mobile spending in 2010, according a new study by Millennial Media. The same industry sectors are spending the most in mobil... more

How to get higher on search engines and make money from your website - 2009-10-27

 by Willie Crawford source: It goes without saying that if you don’t have website traffic, the other components of your web business can’t work very effectively. Without eyeballs on your sales letter, you won’t make any sales! There are many ways to generate fast free website traffic, but many of ... more

Twitter’s deals with Google, Microsoft signal bright future for mobile search - 2009-10-23

By Dan Butcher October 23, 2009 Twitter teams up with Google and Microsoft Twitter’s recent deals to make its users’ tweets available to both Google and Microsoft’s Bing search engine point to the future of mobile search: real-time information. The agreements also hint at how Twitter will finally be able to monetize its 55 m... more

Five Common Small Business Website Mistakes - 2009-10-13

By: Corte Swearingen  Date: 2009/10/12 Why is it that most small business websites still generate very little traffic?  Whether you have outsourced your web design or have it done in-house, it is important that your webmaster understands the basic structure and on-page criteria that will make the search engines happy. And when ... more

What are the Business Benefits of Facebook? - 2009-09-02

By: Duo Marketing Facebook is a social networking phenomenon with over 250 million users worldwide. Here is why it is a great business tool.Since its inception in 2004 it has experienced massive growth making it one of the most recognisable brands in the world. This growth has been accompanied by a definite shift in users and as a resul... more

10 Tips for effective email sales letters - 2009-08-20

1.      Write your objective - Before you write your sales letter, write down your marketing objective. Is it to generateinquiries about your products? Is it to attract subscribers to your ezine? Is it tofind a joint venture partner? Having an objective will help you focus your copy. 2.  ... more

Google server testing in South Africa? - 2009-08-11

Staff WriterMyBroadband | 28 July, 2009 Google is rumored to be testing a Google Global Cache service in South Africa For many South African Internet users Google has become a significant part of their online experience as they trust on the company’s online offerings like search, email, YouTube and Google Maps for both professi... more

SA is ready and cable - 2009-07-29

Article By: Wilma den Hartigh Mon, 27 Jul 2009 16:55 as published on After years of anticipation, broadband internet connectivity in Africa is set to boom as the 15 000km Seacom undersea fibre-optic cable connecting the continent to Europe, the Middle East and Asia has finally come onstream. The cable, which went live on 23 Jul... more

SMS unreliability hits businesses - 2009-07-27

BY PAUL VECCHIATTO , ITWEB CAPE TOWN CORRESPONDENT [ Johannesburg, 22 July 2009 ] - Cellular operators are refusing to take full responsibility for the reliability of using the short message service (SMS) in business critical applications, such as remote monitoring of equipment, users say.“Cellular op... more

Google optimizes search results for feature phones in 38 languages - 2009-07-03

By Giselle Tsirulnik , July 3, 2009 Search in different languages One of the top goals of Google’s mobile search team is to bring users the comprehensiveness of Google's Web search while optimizing the experience for mobile devices in the appropriate language. After launching new optimized search results pages last Dece... more

Online shopping picks up speed - 2009-06-05

BY AUDRA MAHLONG , JOURNALIST, ITWeb [ Johannesburg, 4 June 2009 ] - Despite disagreeing on its growth rate, companies say online shopping will experience growth as consumers turn to the Internet to cut shopping costs.A survey conducted by Neotel's consumer division reveals consumers are turning to online shopping as it ... more

Mobile payment booms - 2009-06-04

BY STAFF WRITER , ITWEB [ Johannesburg, 1 June 2009 ] - The number of >mobile payment users worldwide is expected to reach 73.4 million this year, an increase of 70.4% from last year, according to global research firm Gartner.Gartner predicts the number of mobile payment users will reach more than 190 mi... more

Demand for business mobility increases - 2009-06-04

BY STAFF WRITER , ITWEB [ Johannesburg, 1 June 2009 ] - Large investments are being ploughed into SA's mobilemarket as the local networking space continues to show signs of growth.This is according to Paul Luff, country manager at SMC Networks SA, a provider of local area network hardware and... more

Digital divide greatest in small firms - 2009-06-04

BY PAUL VECCHIATTO , ITWEB CAPE TOWN CORRESPONDENT [ Cape Town | ITWeb, 1 June 2009 ] - The digital divide can best be seen among small, micro and medium-sized businesses, with almost 40% operating without a computer or access to the Internet, according to a study just released.Research carried out by the U... more

Making your website homepage work - 2009-06-03

Your website's homepage is increasingly the first impression of your business, and this piece of prime real estate can make or break your credibility. So what can you do to keep your visitors reading? DO make it blatantly obvious what your website is about Whilst this sounds pretty obvious, it's the one thing you need your webs... more

The Nine stages of emarketing evolution - 2009-05-28

Not everybody needs or wants to be an In fact, although is normally seen to be the epitome of personalised ecommerce, its model of customer interaction is rapidly becoming old-fashioned. On the web, what was leading-edge five minutes ago is, well, so five minutes ago. Businesses are now scrambling to find ways to exploit ... more

International Franchise Expo - 2009-05-25

Thank you for visiting the International Franchise Expo at the Sandton Convention Centre. We are just following up and reminding you of the three business opportunities we offer: 1) Get a complete website for a once off fee of R1,500 (and thereafter between R59 and R150 +VAT per month). Up... more

Website Design in Johannesburg - Now open! - 2009-03-24

We can now bring  you our affordable website design to Johannesburg. We have a dedicated and well trained agent in Randburg (although he goes to clients all over Johannesburg ) who can assist you to get a website TODAY! Costs are R1500 to set up your website and train you in the use of our web based website creation software (this website was ... more

Mobile search to grow with smartphone adoption: TMP exec - 2009-03-23

By Giselle Abramovich Consumer adoption of smartphones is causing an increase in mobile search activity, but the dynamics differ from wired Internet searches. In this Q&A, Gregg Stewart, senior vice president of TMP Directional Marketing, shares his outlook on mobile search, where Google and Microsoft stand, and h... more

Mobile Developers Clash on Mobile Future - 2009-03-20

 MOBILE EDITION March 2009 The first Mobile Developer Live: Silicon Valley, held Feb. 26, 2009 at Keynote Systems, brought together more than 150 mobile Web developers and thought leaders – live and online — from Silicon Valley and around the world to discuss today’s mobile best practices and tomorrow’s challenges i... more

Visa claims world ready for mobile financial services - 2009-02-20

By Giselle Abramovich, February 19, 2009Visa Inc. plans to work with the GSMA to advance the delivery of mobile financial services around the world.As part of the continuing collaboration between the two organizations, the GSMA has selected Visa as a provider for mobile money transfer services globally and is working to execute an agreement to ... more

Bill Gates invests $12.5M to expand financial services on mobile phones - 2009-02-20

By Dan ButcherFebruary 19, 2009The GSMA and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a program that will expand the availability of financial services to people in the developing world through mobile phones.The Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) program, supported by a $12.5 million grant from the foundation, will work with wireless carriers,... more

Tshwane / Pretoria wants smart city status - 2009-02-12

BY SIYABONGA AFRICA , ITWEB JUNIOR JOURNALIST[ Johannesburg, 10 February 2009 ] - The City of Tshwane ( Pretoria ) hopes to provide residents, schools and hospitals with cheap Internet connectivity by the end of the year, as part of its smart city programme.James Masonganye, head of operational system management for the City of Tshwane ( Pretoria )... more

Ukash drives online payment - 2009-01-29

BY ALEX KAYLE , JOURNALIST IT Web[ Johannesburg, 1 December 2008 ] - Ukash, a UK e-commerce payment provider, has partnered with Blue Label Telecoms to roll out an online cash payment solution in SA.Mark Chirnside, CEO of Ukash, says: "We saw a huge opportunity in SA. There are currently no precedents in the market and this opens the door to online... more

MTN Banking targets the unbanked - 2009-01-29

BY CANDICE JONES , ITWEB TELECOMS EDITOR, 29 January 2009MTN Banking – a division of the mobile operator's business – is piloting a new domestic money transfer system which the company says will eventually target extreme rural areas.The solution, MobileMoney, is being piloted from 14 MTN outlets across the country and will enable cash transfers... more

IEC misses Web site fix deadline - 2009-01-20

ITWeb Johannesburg, 16 January 2009 - With only three weeks to go before the next voter registration drive, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has still failed to deliver on its promises to update its Web site.The next voter registration drive is scheduled for 7 and 8 February.While the IEC has recognised there are major problems with its ... more

Mobile campaigns: Include mobile video? - 2009-01-16

January 16, 2009 By Dave SloanFashion brand Stella McCartney recently pushed out a mobile marketing effort but decided that adding mobile video to the campaign was too risky. The concern was that rich video content would not be accessible by the majority of the target audience. Instead, mobile ad network Millennial Media did some research and recom... more

Mobile payments boost political campaigns - 2009-01-16

BY ALEX KAYLE , JOURNALIST, 9 January 2008[ Johannesburg, 9 January 2009 ] - Several South African political parties have adopted a cellphone payment solution, Pocit Elect, to financially boost their campaigns.According to Gerrie van Zyl, CEO of Tradebridge, the holding company for the cellphone payment system, within the first three weeks of initi... more

The upside of SMS - 2008-11-27

November 27, 2008 by Marcus AndersonLook, the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!Some of you are no doubt familiar with this line taken from “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a story published in 1837 by the Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen.In the plot, the emperor, an overly proud man, hires two swindlers to weave him what they pro... more

Global mobile broadband: Here, now and tomorrow - 2008-11-24

November 24, 2008 By William DudleyMobile data services are now clearly becoming mainstream, whether it is through the use of wireless, high-speed data-only cards or full-featured mobile handsets. The trend is clearly moving to more IP data services. Take, for example, Verizon Wireless’s first-quarter 2008 results. Its nationwide, high-speed EV-D... more

Yankee Group names best sites for mobile - 2008-11-24

By Giselle Abramovich, November 24, 2008The launch of full-featured, Web-enabled phones such as the Apple iPhone and T-Mobile Android-backed G1 has raised consumer expectations in terms of experience on mobile Web sites.But how can a company know if it is meeting those expectations? According to Market researcher Yankee Group, the average mobile We... more

Google's presence grows - 2008-11-14

BY PAUL VECCHIATTO , ITWEB CAPE TOWN CORRESPONDENT[ Cape Town | ITWeb, 14 November 2008 ] - The increasingly powerful presence of Google in Africa is causing telecommunications carriers to up their game. The search engine giant is also keeping an eye on the continent, say analysts and industry players.Google's presence is causing telecoms carriers ... more

Why mobile users preferred Obama: Study - 2008-11-12

By Giselle Abramovich November 12, 2008Americans who use their mobile phones to surf the Internet were more likely to support Barack Obama over John McCain, according to a survey by Zogby and JumpTap.The survey was conducted Oct. 7-24 via an ad banner campaign running across the Jump Tap mobile ad network of sites including Fox Mobile Entertainment... more

dotMobi Drives Mass Market Adoption of the Mobile Web with Instant Mobilizer - 2008-11-12

New product designed to open the mobile Web opportunityto small businesses around the worldDUBLIN, Ireland and WASHINGTON, DC - Nov. 11, 2008 - dotMobi, the company behind the .mobi Internet domain designed to help consumers find Web content that works on mobile phones, today announced the channel release of Instant Mobilizer™, a patent-pending s... more

A victory for Obama, a victory for mobile - 2008-11-06

By Mickey Alam Khan, November 5, 2008How much satisfaction should mobile marketers have today that the man elected to become the 44th president of the United States proved beyond doubt the ability of mobile marketing to effect sweeping change?For when President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office on that cold January morning, he will have p... more

One Million .mobi Registered Names Help Drive Evolution of Mobile Web - 2008-10-29

DUBLIN, Ireland and WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- dotMobi, thecompany behind the .mobi Internet domain designed to help consumers findcontent that works on mobile phones, today announced that more than onemillion .mobi domains have been registered since its launch two years ago.From October 2006, dotMobi has seen continued growth in the amoun... more

Some of the features of the websites designed by Pretoria Website Design - 2008-10-22

A Website that is displayed on three different platforms namely traditional web, older generation cell phones and modern devices such as PDA's and windows mobile phones. See an example here-An innovative communications system that informs your stakeholders and customers of events, announcements, specials and newsletters. This system allows you to s... more

SA websites not ready for 2010 - 2008-08-26

SA websites not ready for 2010 By: Roelof Vermeulen (online marketing consultant for Belateral) In recent months I have done some research into South Africa's readiness for 2010, in terms of Internet marketing. The majority of businesses seem to think that, by having a website, they have all the visibility they need to be found by the thousands ... more

Why Data Matters - 2008-03-06

Posted by Hal Varian, Chief EconomistWe often use this space to discuss how we treat user data and protect privacy. With the post below, we're beginning an occasional series that discusses how we harness the data we collect to improve our products and services for our users. We think it's appropriate to start with a post describing how data has bee... more

Mobile Internet, is it the next big thing in India? - 2008-01-22

Published by Abhishek on Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 6:50 PMWe had been struggling to increase our Internet base and PC penetration but slowly a new realization has happened to all the companies that instead growth lies in a format which has a much wider reach than any other medium in India and this medium is Mobile the fourth screen as this week... more

Google: Mobile Phones Are The Future Of The Internet - 2008-01-22

By Stephen Wellman,12:23 PM ET, Feb 20, 2007 The future of the Web is smaller than you think. And also much bigger, according to Google Vice President Vinton Cerf. Cerf, speaking in India this week, predicted that mobile phones, not PCs, are the future of the Web.Cerf said that while the number of netizens has rocketed from 50 million in 1997 to 1.... more

SA websites not ready for 2010 - 2007-11-19

SA websites not ready for 2010 By: Roelof Vermeulen (online marketing consultant for Belateral) In recent months I have done some research into South Africa's readiness for 2010, in terms of Internet marketing. The majority of businesses seem to think that, by having a website, they have all the visibility they need to be found by the thousands ... more

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