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Welcome you who is looking for the details of Kwalata Safaris in lovely Botswana; this page was made to show you how powerful the internet and a proper website can be. We would like to sell you a website that is found on search engines, a website like this is only R2,500 ; imagine what it can do for your business? Call 012-809 00 55 and have a website like this before the sun sets tonight.

Here is Kwalate Safaris (kwalata safaris) contact telephone numbers:

+267- 686 1448

+267- 7162 1293

+267- 7130 8283

+267- 7356 0649

+267- 7130 7435


The last three numbers are those of the "main okes" who hardly ever go to the Kwalate Safari Offices. Try the first two numbers but be very very patient. You can also try their email


Good luck!


2014 Website design special

Buy two websites and only pay R3,500. Call 082 69 99 99 2 now!

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