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We are looking for Agents / Consultants in Pretoria and Johannesburg (in fact the whole South Africa) to sell and implement websites for clients. We use the Kwikwap Website Creator Software to develop websites on the fly for customers at a cheap rate (not that the websites are inferior, in fact they are superior! You can have as many as 500 pages on your website for that price). It costs the client R2,500 to set up the website and the agent receives all this money.

It takes about 2 hours to be completely trained in the software whereafter you can start your business. It costs R1500 to join as an agent and that includes the training session and manual. Furthermore an agent has to pay a monthly fee of R171.

The agent also receives between 50% and 60% of the monthly fees that the client pays (ie between R59 and R150 +VAT).

If you don't recognize this as a good business opportunity then I don't know! Agents from other areas in South Africa are welcome!

Call 0723840771 today to learn more.
2014 Website design special

Buy two websites and only pay R3,500. Call 082 69 99 99 2 now!

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