2014 Website design special

Buy two websites and only pay R3,500. Call 082 69 99 99 2 now!

+ Why are Kwikwap websites so cheap?

+ What is the Members Area on your websites?

+ Can you also make websites in other languages?

+ Should one combine a website with a pay-per-click advertising campaign?

+ How many website templates and/or combinations do you have?

+ So what does one have to do to optimise a website for Google?

+ How many pages can I have on my Kwikwap website and can I load videos?

+ How do I get on the first page of Google ?

So where and how did Kwikwap start?

There are free website builders, why should I pay to use the Kwikwap System

What are the catches, what do you exclude from your services?

You say that you can travel to where the client is, How does the client make payment? Once the site is set up or before.Credit card,EFT or cash??

Do you offer these amazing and cheap websites in Johannesburg as well

So what is an interactive website?

How does an SMS system work

Can your websites be set up to recieve secure payment via credit card internationally? Is this an optional extra?

Someone told me that they can guarantee me x number of hits per month. How does that work?

What are generic search results?

I would like to build a directory website how do I go about building one.

Do I have to host at you and what are the costs. I currently host for R40/month

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